About us

Who we are?

Avrio is a software development firm specialized in blockchain and modern technologies located In Saudi Arabia. Avrio started on a vision to help raise the standards of the software industry in the region, and to innovate new business and governmental solutions, leveraging the power of software and the emerging technologies such as blockchain, Avrio was founded on solid business principles that are most lacking in the software industry – transparency, assurance of product quality, consistent development and more – which remain at the foundation of our business today. Since its inception, Avrio has become nationally recognized as a software development powerhouse, completing projects in verticals ranging from Healthcare, Automotive to Retail, Real estate and beyond. In addition to technological acumen, our management team is truly positioned to set clients up for success with their wide array of business experiences in both startups and established corporate cultures

Executive team

Ahmed CEO of Avrio

Ahmed Yassin

Chief Executive Officer

Ahmed CEO of Avrio

Turki Aljadani

Chief Operating Officer

Ahmed CEO of Avrio

Omar Ahmed

Chief Technology Officer