Seamless Integration, Superior Care: Revolutionizing Polyclinics and Dental Practices with Our SaaS HIS Platform

Seamless Integration, Superior Care: Revolutionizing Polyclinics and Dental Practices with Our SaaS HIS Platform

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Key features

Customizable Landing Page Template for a Tailored Online Presence

Embark on a transformative journey with our bespoke digital gateway – the custom-built landing page meticulously crafted by Avrio for Polyclinic. This unparalleled sales tool is not just a virtual representation; it's a strategic masterpiece designed to elevate your polyclinic's brand presence and drive conversions.

Avrio's expertise shines through in the seamless integration of innovative design and strategic functionality. The landing page is not merely an online space; it's a dynamic sales engine meticulously tailored to convert visitors into loyal patients.

Walk-in and Appointment Management

Discover unparalleled ease in scheduling and managing patient appointments with Avrio Care's intuitive and user-friendly interface. Whether appointments are pre-scheduled or walk-in visits, our advanced system ensures a seamless experience for both patients and healthcare providers.

Elevate Patient Care with Avrio Care's Full Patient Journey Management

Avrio Care offers a holistic perspective on the patient journey, seamlessly guiding healthcare providers from the initial consultation through discharge and follow-up. Our advanced platform consolidates patient histories, diagnoses, treatments, and test results into a centralized location, empowering healthcare professionals with the comprehensive information needed for informed decision-making.

Insurance Compliance made easy with Nphies integration standards

Avrio Care optimizes insurance compliance through the seamless integration of Nphies standards. We standardize clinic operations to ensure immediate Nphies compliance.

Our system encompasses all Nphies billing standards, facilitating the streamlined establishment of your billing system. Moreover, we proactively mitigate operational errors, leading to an exceptionally low rate of insurance claim rejections.

Consequently, our solution enhances the efficiency of the approval process, accelerating patient flow within the clinic.

Strategic Financial Empowerment with Avrio Care's Dashboard

Unlock real-time insights into your healthcare facility's financial landscape with Avrio Care's dynamic financial dashboard. Our sophisticated system provides a comprehensive view of revenue generation, expenses, outstanding payments, and financial trends. This invaluable data empowers hospital administrators to make informed financial decisions, optimizing resource allocation with granular tracking across branches, departments, and individual doctors.

Enhancing Healthcare Delivery through Precision Performance Monitoring

Streamline clinic operations with the Doctor's Performance Dashboard from Avrio Care. This efficient tool provides real-time analytics to track and evaluate the productivity of your medical staff. Displaying crucial performance indicators, such as appointment volumes, outcomes of consultations, and detailed invoicing, it offers administrators a transparent view into each doctor's contribution to the clinic. With this straightforward and user-friendly dashboard, managing performance and upholding exceptional patient care standards becomes simpler and more effective.

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Included in Your Monthly Subscription Plan


Avrio Care is hosted on a secure cloud infrastructure strategically situated within Saudi Arabia.

24 Hours support

Avrio Care provides round-the-clock, 24-hour support to cater to all your requirements efficiently.


Weekly updates are meticulously implemented for Avrio Care to enhance security and optimize performance.

Additional Features

Monthly enhancements are consistently integrated into Avrio Care, aimed at boosting our partners' profitability and productivity.


The Avrio Care system features elegantly designed landing pages, ensuring a robust and attractive online presence for your healthcare service.

Data Backups

Daily backups of your data are meticulously conducted to ensure its safety and facilitate easy access.

30 Days Free Trial

Experience Avrio Care with a complimentary one-month trial, offered without any initial payment obligations.

Cancel Any Time

Our subscription plans, available in monthly, semi-annual, and annual options, are designed for flexibility with straightforward cancellation policies.

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3 / Users

Price per user / Monthly

499 SAR

Small enterprise

10 / Users

  • 2 Additional free users

Price per user / Monthly

499 SAR

350 SAR

Medium enterprise

20 / Users

  • 5 Additional free users

Price per user / Monthly

499 SAR

300 SAR

Large enterprise

45 / Users

  • 15 Additional free users

Price per user / Monthly

499 SAR

275 SAR

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